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818 Tequila Blanco by Kendall Jenner

818 Tequila Blanco by Kendall Jenner

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Although the Keeping Up With Kardashians is coming to an end, their quest for global domination continues with Kendall Jenners new Tequila brand 818 Tequila.

Focused on creating a Tequila that is both sustainable and sumptuous, 818 Tequila knocks it out of the park.

Crafted from agave that is sourced from family-owned farms in Mexico, 818 Tequila Blanco is made using traditional techniques. Carefully hand-picked agaves are harvested by the Jimador's then slow cooked in stone ovens for 40 hours. Once they have cooled large stone Tahonas are then used to extract and collect the juice by crushing the cooked agaves. The remains are then fermented for 70 hours and then twice distilled in pot stills and then bottled.

The remnants of the agave are not discarded, but rather used to create 818 bricks. The leftover fibers and liquids are combined with adobe soil and used in local infrastructure projects for their superior strength. This isn't just another celebrity branded spirit, but rather a consciously crafted tequila.

Notes: Smooth, medium-bodied. Aromas and flavors of lemongrass, citrus, vanilla and agave
Pairings: Tacos, grilled avocado, soft cheeses
Serving Suggestions: Chilled or mixed into your favorite cocktail
Region: Mexico
Alcohol Content: 40%