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Bacardi Anejo Rum

Bacardi Anejo Rum

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It was over 150 years ago when Facundo Bacardi and his brother José bought the Santiago de Cuba Distillery and began to distill what would become the most popular commercial rum in the world. Using a method of charcoal filtering, and oak barrel aging, Bacardi created a smoother more refined version of the locally made rum. Today, the Ron Bacardi Company is run in Puerto Rico, were it is the largest family owned spirits company in the world.

Although Bacardi Anejo Rum carries no age statement as it is a blend of
2 and 6 years old rums, this rums flavor is largely attributed to its column still distillation and oak barrel aging. Furthermore, this rum is ‘shaped’ by filtering the aged rum through a secret blend of charcoal to create a smoother taste profile with less astringency.

Notes: Smooth, light-bodied. Aromas and flavors of molasses, honey and brown sugar

Pairings: Pulled pork, grilled shrimp, apple turnover

Serving Suggestions: On the rocks

Region: Puerto Rico

Alcohol Content: 40%