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Barbayanni Ouzo

Barbayanni Ouzo

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For over 5 generations, the Barbayannis Ouzo Distillers in Plomari, Lesvos Greece have been producing the country's iconic Ouzo liquor. Using their traditional family recipe method, that dates back to 1860, Barbayannis Blue Label Greek Ouzo (and all Ouzo) is made from grape must (the remnants of wine-making). Quite pungent in taste and flavor this liquor can be enjoyed on the rocks, straight or with a splash of water. Don't be alarmed by it's cloudy appearance if you do choose to dilute it as this an expected reaction.

Notes: Sily and strong with aromas and flavors of anise, black licorice and herbs.

Pairings: Feta cheese, cured meats, honeydew melon

Serving Suggestions: Chilled on the rocks or with a splash of water.

Region: Greece

Alcohol Content: 46%