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Bartenura Prosecco

Bartenura Prosecco

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Produced from the Veneto region of Italy, Bartenura Prosecco Brut is made with Prosecco or better known as Glera grapes a wonderfully effervescent semi-dry Prosecco. Rather than starting the fermenting process in each individual bottles, Bartenura Prosecco is fermented a large closed tank prior to bottling. It is here that Prosecco is able to retain and express more of the vibrant characteristics of the Glera grape.

Notes: Semi-Dry, medium-bodied; Aromas of lime with flavors of apple. pear, peaches, and melons.

Pairings: Asparagus-Gruyer tart, caviar, duck breast

Serving Suggestions: Chilled

Region: Italy

Alcohol Content: 11.5%