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Hennessy X.O. Ice Ritual Limited Edition Gift Set

Hennessy X.O. Ice Ritual Limited Edition Gift Set

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It was in 1870, when Irish immigrant Maurice Hennessy first debuted his cognac to his friends and family. Now, a 150 years later Hennessy lives on as the largest producer of cognac worldwide.

Said to be the first XO (extra old) produced, this bottle incorporates over 100 eaux-de-vie with ages up to 30 years. Smooth, sophisticated and true example of masterful blending this bottle is best enjoyed neat with a good companion.

The limited edition gift set has arrived just in time for the holidays as the prefect gift for the cognac lover in your life. Included with a bottle of Hennessy X.O is a ice tray for the perfect cocktail experience.

Notes: Smooth, full-bodied. Aromas vanilla, cinnamon, and citrus with flavors of prunes, cocoa and oak.
Pairings: Roast duck, torched figs, hard cheeses
Serving Suggestions: Neat
Region: France
Alcohol Content: 40%