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Hibiki 21Yr Old Japanese Whisky

Hibiki 21Yr Old Japanese Whisky

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>Hibiki 21 Year Old Whisky is a combination of distilleries two single malt whiskies, Hakushu and Yamazaki. This in combination with their corn-based grain whisky, Chita, they create something completely exclusive. Utilizing a mix of American, European, and Japanese wood and aged a minimum of 21 years this whiskey has only recently made it to the states in limited quantities.

Amazingly balanced this whiskey unfolds with each sip and allows you to enjoy the artistry of an aged whiskey.

Notes: Smoky with aromas and flavors of sandalwood, honeycomb, caramelized nuts, ripe banana and rich sherry spice

Pairings: Sushi, steak, dark chocolate

Serving Suggestions: Neat or with single ice cube

Region: Japan

Alcohol Content: 43%