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Ijevan Mulberry Oghi

Ijevan Mulberry Oghi

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One of Armenia’s iconic beverages Oghi is widely produced as moonshine form a variety of fruits. Tuti oghi in particular, is made from mulberry and is often confused for vodka, but make no mistake the taste is vastly different. Most similar to Middle Eastern Arak, Ijevan Tuti (Mulberry) Oghi has a sweeter flavor unlike the anise derived Arak and can be served straight or o with water or ice in order to dilute is biting taste to a much more mellow liqueur.

Notes: Aroma and taste of mulberry, pepper and herbs

Pairings: Cured meats, soft cheeses and fish

Serving Suggestions: Neat, over ice or with water
Region: Armenia

Alcohol Content: 50%