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Kesser Eminent Dry

Kesser Eminent Dry

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Joseph Zakon Winery, which produces Kesser wines, was founded in 1981. The Brookyln-born winemaker, and his wife Michelle, named the winery with a Kabbalistic approach. Kesser, which means “crown” in Hebrew, is the basis for leadership in Judaism.

Kesser's master winemakers cold-ferment French Hybrid grapes to maximize their vivid fruit characteristics to use in every bottle of Kesser Eminent Dry. Before bottling the wine is sterile-filtered, allowing some natural grape sugars to remain without re-fermenting in the bottle.

This semi-dry wine is perfect for Kiddush or on its own as it pairs well with a variety of dishes.

Notes: Semi-Dry, medium-bodied. Aromas and flavors of jam, sugar and cherry.
Pairings: Desserts, soft cheeses, fresh fruits
Serving Suggestions: Slightly Chilled
Region: New York
Alcohol Content: 7%