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Little Book Chapter 4: Lessons Honored Bourbon Whiskey

Little Book Chapter 4: Lessons Honored Bourbon Whiskey

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When you come from the famous Beam Family, you have aspirations of your own, even if you're eighth generation. Such was the case with Freddie Noe. it was nearly 5 years ago that he was able to launch his own line, Little Book Whiskey, but in that short amount of time he's been able to create quite a legend.

Every year, Little Book released their limited edition blended whiskey series. Like a great novel, each expression is it's own Chapter. Chapter 4: Lessons Honored is made by blending three uncut and unfiltered Kentucky straight whiskeys which are connected to past work with his father.

The whiskey itself is a blend of 4-year-old Kentucky straight brown rice bourbon, 8-year-old Kentucky straight "high rye" rye whiskey, and a 7-year-old Kentucky straight bourbon.

The brown rice bourbon contributes complex oak and fruit notes, the rye a sweetness and bold spice notes, the 7-year-old bourbon rounds it all out with a richness of flavor. Bottled at 122.8 proof, it's a big and complex whiskey with prominent spice notes.

Notes: Smooth, medium-bodied. Aromas and flavors of barley, citrus, cherry, nutmeg and clove
Pairings: Pistachio crusted lamb, seared duck, pralines
Serving Suggestions: Neat
Region: Kentucky
Alcohol Content: 61.4%