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Opici Homemade Barberone

Opici Homemade Barberone

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The Opici name represents outstanding quality and value, appreciated for generations, since 1913.

“Barberone” is a dialect term for a vineyard worker. Many years ago, vineyard workers would receive grapes as part of their compensation. They would vinify these grapes into a “home” blend for their everyday consumption.

Opici Vineyards Homemade Barberone is proprietary blend of red and white varietals. Astaple in the Opici product line, Opici Homemade Style Barberone is a full flavored, full bodied wine with a deep red color and the sweet aroma of dark fruit. It's rich texture and flavor touches all senses and lingers long after the wine has been consumed.

Notes: Dry, full-bodied. Aromas and flavors of plum, cherry and currant.
Pairings: Pasta Bolognese, rabbit stew, Gorgonzola cheese
Serving Suggestions: Room temperature
Region: New York
Alcohol Content:14%