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Recanati Yasmin White

Recanati Yasmin White

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Located in Israel's Hefer Valley, Recanati Winery is equipped with the most innovative technology available today. Chief winemaker is Gil Shatsberg, a graduate of the U.C. Davis wine program has brung his expertise, devotion. artistry and craftsmanship to Recanati, specifically to Yasmin White. A blend of two classic varieties, Chardonnay and Sauvignon Blanc winemaking method stresses the lightness of the wine and the fruity aroma together with its refreshing acidity. We achieve this fruity aroma thanks to a relatively slow fermentation at low temperatures. This preserves the gentility of the aromas and allows us to produce a light wine with balanced acidity. A harmonious, flavorful, perfect for all occasions white wine from the sun-kissed Mediterranean vineyards of Israel. With its enticing aromas and flavors of tropical fruit, Yasmin White is a stylish wine ideally paired with appetizers, fish, poultry and vegetarian entrees.

Notes: Dry, medium-bodied.Aromas of dried fruits and herbs with flavors of melon and tropical fruit.

Pairings: Roast chicken, fois gras, baked brie

Serving Suggestions: Chilled

Region: Israel

Alcohol Content: 12%