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Replica Knockoff Chardonnay

Replica Knockoff Chardonnay

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At the core of Replica wines, is one singular idea--wine should taste the way that Mother Nature intended. Through replication of the natural winemaking and farming practices of the past, Replica Winery is about to craft sophisticated wines with classic, fruit-forward California flavor profiles without the use of additives and the harmful pesticide.

Their commitment to ingredient purity, has landed them numerous awards including the Purity Award from the Clean Label Project.

Full of tropical fruit flavors this full-bodied Chardonnay is perfectly paired with hard cheeses, poultry or salmon.

Notes: Dry, Full-bodied. Aromas and flavors of tropical fruit, caramel, and spice
Pairings: Salmon, hard cheeses, roasted chicken
Serving Suggestions: Chilled
Region: California
Alcohol Content: 15.6%