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Stolichnaya Strawberi Vodka

Stolichnaya Strawberi Vodka

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Established in 1938, Stolichnaya or Stoli as it is most often called, was first introduced to the US in 1972. This grain based (wheat and rye) vodka is distilled in Russia and bottled and brought to proof in Latvia. Filtered through Russian birch charcoal and quartz sand Stolichnaya Vodka was the first Russian Vodka export and has remained a leader within the category since.

With over 30 flavors Stoli® Strasberi™ Vodka is full and round with soft fresh berry, subtly sweet and a light pepper finish. Perfect for mixing or drinking on its own Stolichnaya Strasberi Vodka is a summer favorite.

Notes: Slightly sweet, medium-bodied. Aromas and flavors of strawberry, jam, and sugar
Pairings: Chicken salad, soft cheeses, dark chocolate
Serving Suggestions: On the rocks or mixed into your favorite cocktails
Region: Russia
Alcohol Content: 40%