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Yeni Raki

Yeni Raki

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Yeni Raki is distilled from 20 different varieties of grapes and raisins and quality anise, grown in Western Anatolia. This mixture is diluted with water and re-distilled with aniseed then sweetened and rested for minimum of 30 days prior to allow the flavors to harmonize. When drinking Yeni Raki water is added and creates an almost mythical transformation. From a clear liquid, the Yeni Raki turns a milky color and texture which over time has attracted the name Lion's Milk.Today, this aniseed flavored spirit is one of the most recognized brands in Turkey and has been family produced for over 70 years.

Notes: Strong with flavors and aromas of licorice and anise

Pairings: Melon, cured meats, feta cheese

Serving Suggestions: Chilled or with single ice cube

Region: Turkey

Alcohol Content: 45%